Billing terms and conditions



The term “supplier” is used to describe the company, having its registered office at 3455 boul. de la Pinière, suite 201, Terrebonne, Quebec, Canada, J6X 0A1. The term “customer” refers to the natural or legal person signing the contract. The term “web space” refers to a storage space allocated by the provider to each customer. The label is the set of rules used by Internet users, among which: do not send mass emails to people who have not made the request (“junkmail” or “spam”) . Do not post a message in one or more newsgroups, with content unrelated to the theme of these groups, respect the copyright.


The purpose of this contract is to define the terms and conditions under which the supplier makes his products and services available to his client. This contract is underwritten for a period of one year from the 1st purchase order of the product ordered. It is renewable automatically by period of one year by tacit renewal. The payment of the subscription fee must reach no later than the fifth of the month following the end of a billing period, for quarterly billings or at the latest five days after the end of an annual subscription. . Any default or late payment by the customer results in an automatic suspension of this contract, without notice from the supplier. reserves the right to terminate this contract at any time and without notice, subject to the sending of a simple email to the customer (at the address given when signing this contract) . In the case of non-payment, failure to use policies or for any other reason at the discretion of, will have the right, without any notice or delay, to suspend the customer’s account without him refund the unused balance of his payment. In case of violation of the policies of use of the service, the account of the customer can be suspended without refund also.


Web space: offers the client hosting on its DNS servers, a domain name and on its WEB servers an associated disk space, for the payment of a rental whose cost depends on the chosen product by the customer and whose offer has ben perfectly declined to the customer who recognizes it. The customer can choose his domain name (web address), to the extent that it is available and in compliance with the naming charter following the chosen extension. The client has complete freedom in the content of his web space, insofar as it complies with the laws and regulations in force in Canada and is not used to make storage, let alone backups. In particular, it is forbidden to publish any form of content directly or indirectly related to: pornography, pirated programs (MP3, cracks …), racist, xenophobic, antisemitic, homophobic, or likely to undermine to the integrity of extremist religious people, whatever the religion in question, at the sole discretion of reserves the right, at any time and without notice, to put off-line any content that it deems not in conformity with the international laws or the label that it has set without needing to to justify. provides the customer with email addresses, email aliases and email redirects whose number is defined in the formula chosen by the customer. The customer can choose his addresses as far as they are available and accepted by reserves the right, at any time and without notice, to delete one or all of the e-mail addresses, aliases and redirects, if it considers that the use made of it does not comply with international laws or the netiquette or label she has set. Some technical addresses are reserved. The customer is solely responsible for the use made of e-mail boxes made available to him, even in case of violation by his staff, his customers, his suppliers or any other third party to whom he would have allowed access to mail server. The sending of SPAM or unsolicited emails by the sender is forbidden.


The customer agrees to provide accurate and truthful information when booking his or her domain names. It undertakes to prevent from any changes concerning the data provided and will be solely responsible for any malfunctions that may result from erroneous information. The customer assumes sole responsibility for any infringement of the intellectual or industrial property of third parties, public order and morality and any other dispute concerning the domain name (s) purchased via The customer is solely responsible for the choice of the domain name (s) he buys. In no event may be held liable for any remedy relating to a purchased domain name. The customer must maintain an email address and a valid postal address. The information will be updated by the web interface provided for this purpose. The customer undertakes not to penetrate the computer systems of or to attempt to do so.

ARTICLE 5: RESPONSIBILITY OF undertakes to make every effort to register / transfer / renew domain names after validating the payment of the corresponding order. However, it is an obligation of means and in no case an obligation of result.

5.1 – Content does not control the content sent by the customer, either through his web space or emails that he would have to send. In no event may Be held liable for any actions or remedies of third parties, including: Information, sounds, images, texts and any multimedia document contrary to laws and regulations in force, content and / or broadcast on its web space by the customer. – Infringement of the intellectual property rights relating to the works contained or broadcast, in whole or in part on the client’s web space. In the event that the responsibility of is sought on this subject, the customer will then have to take care of all the sums paid by, plus double the damages.

5.2 – Accessibility: Due to the characteristics and limits of the Internet, which the customer declares to know, can not in any way be held responsible for the speed of access from other sites, in the world or slowdowns, difficulties in accessing the client’s site. can not be held responsible for the non-routing of emails, articles of discussion forum, because 3455 boul. de la Pinière, suite 201, Terrebonne, Quebec, Canada, J6X 0A1. Tel / Tel: 514-939-2555.

5.3 – Force Majeure: will not be held responsible for any delay or non-performance, when the cause of the delay or failure is due to the occurrence of a case of force majeure usually recognized by the case law. The case of force majeure suspends the obligations arising from this contract for the duration of its existence. However, if the case of force majeure had a duration of existence greater than 30 consecutive days, it would be entitled to the cancellation by right of the present contract by one or other of the parties eight days after the sending of a registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt notifying this decision.

5.4 – Indemnity: The customer agrees to defend, guarantee and hold the supplier not responsible for any loss, damage or claim, (including its honorary agent) related to the use of this service provided by the supplier to the customer under this agreement, including but not limited to; false advertising, responsibility claimed for product or service sold by the customer, “copyright” or trademark, interruption or lack of functioning of the service or for any content submitted by the customer.

ARTICLE 6: PROGRAMMING undertakes to correct any defective programming within 7 days, free of charge if this programming is still under warranty. It is not required to support programming if the delivery is more than 1 year The warranty period is 30 days unless otherwise specified. The responsibility of is limited to correcting a faulty program. He is not responsible for the damages resulting from error, omission, loss of data, erroneous information, impossibility of use of the program, etc …


Any default or late payment of a single day by the customer leads to an automatic termination of this contract and the immediate termination of all services. The monthly payments remaining to run remains due however. A fee of $ 100 per service will be required for restarting. The customer can terminate his subscription before the term by writing it to in writing (registered letter with AR). This termination does not entail any refund of the sums already paid and all the remaining monthly payments will remain due until the anniversary date. The cancellation of the contract must occur no later than 30 days before the anniversary date of the latter, failing which the effects of tacit renewal will renew the subscription for a new year. The billing frequency in the month, the quarter, the semester or the whole year does not affect the terms of termination of the contract. The contract is ANNUAL and may be payable by split payments at various times of the year.


The amounts mentioned in the contract do not include taxes and are payable in advance for a quarterly or annual period depending on the type of benefit. may change its prices at any time without notice. The price of prepaid benefits is guaranteed for the paid period only. reserves the right to pass on any new tax or any increase in the rate of existing taxes without delay.

ARTICLE 9: DEFAULT or DELAY IN PAYMENT will not be required to offer the service until full payment and all work remains the property of until full payment. If were to incur recovery fees, these costs will be borne by the customer. Any past invoice due bears interest at 2% per month, or 24% per year. A fee of $ 45 will be billed for any NSF, or 24% per year. A $ 45 fee will be billed for any NSF.